Thanjavur Information

         It is another oldest town of Tamilnadu a place where no mountains are surrounded. It is a fertile land of cultivation, mainly rice and other vegetation. Thanjavur a historic place filled with Temples and great works of ancient sculptors and painters. The city is still famous for its Fresco paintings and arts like sculptures, carving, Jewelry, Dance and classical music. The palace, the big temple, which still exists, reveals the pre – historic backgrounds of Thanjavur from the 10th century AD. During the rule of the king chola. Today, this fertile land extends an area of 3396.57 And it is the district headquarters bounded by coloroon in the north, Tiruvavur district&Nagapattinam districts in the East, in the south by the Palk Strait and pudukottai & Trichy in the west.

Thanjavur Tourism Information

Sri Brahadeeswarar Temple

          The great cholan period, which ruled this place, have given a valuable birth of architecture to this land those days. The temples at the age of the 10th century AD. Built by the chola king named Raja Raja 1exposes a huge engineering beauty on earth is an appreciation to those great eminent architectures those days. One of the famous information as a glimpse to wonder the engineering built is that – during Mid day the tower and the Mast’s shadow will not be seen on the ground will be an amazing work of art and challenge. Moreover the “Nandhi” a huge ‘cow’ that is keenly caved from only one huge rock is another eye opening work of art in this place. Great challenges and workmanship have been proven that south Indians are born talented.

The Palace

          This is another location where it Makes the tourist admire the style of living those days. The palace is nearby the temple with a vast building of masonry built during the periods of Nayaks and partly by the Marathas during the period around 1550 AD. You have, watchtower, Hall of Music – (an acoustic hall for perfect ancient music’s of the palace.) and also a huge whale’s skeleton, which was been captured those days, exhibits the real talents and skills of olden days living. The worth place to imagine our past living.

Sarawathi Mahal library

          It is located on the other side of the palace campus itself, where over, 30, 000 palm leaf and paper manuscripts of Indian and European languages are preserved and exhibited.

Schwartz church

          This is also situated in the palace garden. It was built by Rajah serfoji in token of his affection to Rev. C.V. Schwartz a Danish Missionary who lived here during 1779 AD. This reveals that south Tamilnadu from those days accepted inter religious culture.

Tamil University (7km)

          An exclusive campus, which was established in the year 1987, enhances research and advanced studies in Tamil language.

Thanjavur Tour Information

Thirukandiyur (10km)

         Two major temples – They are Brahmasirekandeswarar and Harshavimochana perumal are here.

Kumbakonam Information

          This is another temple city of Tamilnadu. It is famous for a great pooja called Mahamagam where huge of congregation gather here to worship once in 12 years. The famous deities are sarangapani; Kumbeswarar, Nageswara and Ramaswamy Temples are the holy Shrines. The last Mahamagam was held in 2004.

Swamimalai (32km)

          This is one of the six Abodes of Lord Subramanya. Dedicated as (Arupadai Veedu).

Darasuram (34 km)

          This is a silk weaving center and also famous for the temple of lord Siva built by Rajendra Chola those days.

Thirubuvanam (45 km)

          It is a 13th century chola temple dedicated to Lord Siva.

Thiruvaiyaru (13km)

          It is a famous place of music and art of dance. Here, a great saint named Thiyagaraja lived and attained eternity. A music festival is organized here every January in honor to the saint.

Manora (65km)

           Rajah serofoji built the 8 storied victory towers in 1814.

Thirumallar (101 km)

          This is in Pondicherry union Territory. This is a famous Saturn temple town. St.Thyagaraja Aradhana Music festival on every January is special feature here.

How to get here in Thanjavur

By Air

         The nearest airport is Trichy.

By Rail

         Thanjavur is a junction of rail routes that provides connections to all the major cities of the state.

By Road

         Buses and other transport vehicle from here can ply to all the places of Tamilnadu.