The Vijaya Nagar Empire was one of the famous empires in India. Two brothers namely Harihara and Bukka established Vijaya Nagar Empire on the Southern banks of the river Tungabadhra in 1336. Vijaya Nagar was the capital of this empire.

Historical Sources

Literary, architectural, numismatic and epigraphic sources are available for the study of Vijaya Nagar Empire. Bagapalli copper plates, Ramanuja inscription, Srirangam plates Srisailam plates give details about the geneology, political and socio, economic conditions of Vijaya Nagar Empire. Foreign writers like Ibin Batuta, Abdul Razak, Nikitin, and Ferno Nuniz give useful information’s about the Vijaya Nagar kingdom.

Establishment of Vijaya Nagar rule in Tamilnadu: Bukka I was the first Vijaya Nagar ruler to invade Tamilnadu. Then Vijaya Nagar ruler Kumarakampana captured Thondaimandalam, Trichy, Madurai, Kongudesam, Rameswaram and established Vijaya Nagar Government in Tamilnadu. Kumarakampana’ s rule may be regarded as the brightest chapter in the history of Vijaya Nagar rule in Tamil country After Kumarakampana, Tarnilnadu was ruled by some Vijaya Nagar kings namely Virupanna, Harihara II Devaraya Saluva Narasimha and some others.

Krishna Devaraya 1509AD To 1529AD

Krishna Devaraya was of medium height and had fair complexion rather fat than thin. He had signs of small pox on his face. He was physically so strong. He was a brave warrior and a statesman. He was gentle and generous in character. Among the Vijaya Nagar rulers Krishna Devaraya was the greatest administrator. He had extended the boundaries of Vijaya Nagar empire in Tamilnadu by capturing, many new areas. His success over Udayagiri, Kondapalli were significant. His expedition against Kalinga and battle of Raichur are important.