Pandyan Kingdom In Sangam

The extent of the Pandyan kingdom during the Sangam Age comprised the present districts of Madurai, Tirunelveli and Ramanathapuram. The Pandyan kings were known as Maran, Valudhi and Chezhiyan. Their Capital was Madurai and their chief port was Korkai. Their symbol was fish. The Pandyan kings earned name and fame for their patronage to the Tamil Sangam. It can be said that their capital Madurai had also remained the capital of Tamil language and literature.

The Sangam literature provides a long list of Pandyan kings. Some of them had become most popular. Mudhukudumi Peruvazhthi performed many sacrifices to celebrate his victories. Therefore, he was given the title Palyagasalai. Another Pandyan king Bootha Pandiyan was a great warrior and also a patron of Tamil poets. His wife Perungoppendu was a poetess. It is referred that she committed self at the death of her husband. Ariyappadaikadantha Nedunchezhiyan was also a famous Pandyanr ruler. He gave death sentence to the hero of Silappathigaram, Kovalan, by mistake, for which he gave his life when he came to know the truth. Another important ruler was Thalaiyalanganathu Nedunchezhiyan. He defeated the combined forces of Chera, Chola and other local chieftains at a place called Thalaiyalanganam. He also patronized a number of Tarnil poets including Mangudi Maruthanar. The Pandyan rule disappeared along with that of the Cheras and Cholas in the Third century A.D. The Kariakalan occupied the Tamil country for another three centuries.