Kanchipuram Information

        Kanchipuram is situated on the northern east coast of Tamil Nadu. The neighboring districts are vellore and Thiruvanamalai district in the west, Tiruvallur and Chennai district in the north and villupuram district in the south and on the east you have the shores of the Bay of Bengal. The geographical area is 4, 43, 210 hectares and spots a coastline of 57 km.

Kanchipuram General Information

       Kanchipuram, an ancient city of the state known as thousand temples. Today, the cause of civilization has reduced it to 126 temples in and around the city. kanchipuram is the district headquarters which has famously explored the silk saree industry from the past. The thriving hand loom industry still has its name and fame to the international standards in fabric, art & designs. This city being religious, it has several fairs and festivals throughout the year are a notable fact.

Kanchipuram Tourism Information

Kanchipuram Temples Information

Sri Ekambareswara Temple

       This is the famous Sivan temple is kanchi. Here, Lord Siva is worshipped as earth or prithivi which is one of the five elements.

Sri Kaliasanathar Temple

        This is an ancient pallava temple which was constructed in the 8th century. The architectural structure of this temple resembles the shore temple at Mamallapuram.

Vardaraja perumal Temple

        This temple has construed by the vijayanagar kings. This temple is situated at the top of Hastrigiri or Elephant hill.

Sri Kamakshiamman Temple

        This is known to be a scared temple in kanchi. The temple consist of three sakthi peethas of Indian belief, kamakshi is the super goddess, parasakthi having saraswathi, Lakshmi and parvathi in the eyes is the belief behind the worship in this temple.

Sri Ulagalandar Temple

       During the period of chola kings this temple was built as vaishnava temple. The main deity is Trivikaama.

Sri Vaikunda perumal Temple

        During the 8th century this temple was built and structured by one of the great king Nandivarma pallava, which again gives importance to the Vaishnivites.

Sri Kacchapaeswar Temple

        In this temple the special feature of Lord Siva’s appearance as Vishnu in the form of a turtle is being worshipped with spiritual faith from the past.

Jain Temples at Tirupparuthikkundram

        Kanchi plays an importance role on the history of Jains. Mostly, pallava kings belonged the backing of jainism those days. Jainism and the temples of Jania Tirthankaras were found during the early Ninth century A.D. Jain temples are known for fresco paintings and a grandeur image worship of bhagwan Mahaveer are the ethic that being followed even today.

Sri Subramaniya Sivam Temple

       This temple was built around 1915.

Kanchipuram Tour Information

Anna Memorial

        Kanchipuram is the birth place of Dr. C.N. Annadurai. He was one of the great scholar, orator, statesman, a great leader in politics of the state and former chief minister of Tamilnadu. The highlight in Kanchi is that his ancestral house at kanchi is now the Anna memorial.

Kanchi Kamakodi Peedam

        This kanchi kamakodi peedam and kammakshiamman temple is closely associated with the life of sankaracharya. Who was one of the devotee and a respectful person in the peedam.

Kanchi Kudil

         This Kudil is been formed to change this ancestral home kanchi as a tourist spot that adds great interests for the visitor to experience the ancient life style of kanchipuram.

Other places of tourist interest in Kanchipuram

Vedanthagal bird sancturary (48 km)

       Migration is a lesson that birds -the best teachers that taught man to immigrate into countries, vedanthagal is the stop spot for birds from all over the world during the migration seasons such as October and March- The best season for bird watching. vedanthangal is known as the best water bird sanctuary in India. The birds nest on the branches of the trees partially immersed in the lake appears an awesome view to the visitor to just say wow!and make open the eyes to gaze at birds spellbound would be an experience at vedanthangal.

Muthu kadu

        This is located about 80 km from kanchipuram. It is famous for boating and windsurfing at the backwater lake in muthukadu.

The crocodile Bank

       Just 14 km from Mamallapuram you have crocodile breeding Centre. Say! About 5000 crocodile of 6 different species, alligators and other reptiles are bred here. Nearby, you have a snake farm where anti venom is produced is situated here.

Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram)

        This location is clear proof of pallava reign in the Tamilnadu region. Mamallapuram is an excellent specimen of Dravidian temple structure and architecture and pallava arts. Mostly these Structures of value and aesthetic monuments were completed during the reign of Narasimha Varman I and Narasimha Varaman II.

        Today the place is famous for nine cave temples and the eight mandapams which is located at various spots namely the Dharmaraja, Kotikal, Mahishasura, Krishna, Pandava, Varaha, Ramanuja and shiva mandapams, moreover, Arjunas penances is the largest bas-relief in the world. This is a kind of work that adds more credibility, to our ancient workers, sculptors and architects. The pride is that the place is shaped like a whale with the life –size carving.

        The five rathas are mini shrines, carved out of single rocks shaped like chariots .which is a remarkable remembrance of the evolution of Dravidian culture and style of temple architecture. The tiger cave has a several designs on lions and tiger statue are the sight seeing spot.

Thirukazhukundram (17 km)

        An ancient shiva temple on a hill top is famous here.

Thiruporur (16 km)

         Here Lord Muruga is worshipped with great several ancient reason and that are inscribed in this temple attracks not only the devotees but to researchers and scholars too.


        This is a classic beach, sandy area near mamallapuram. Covelong is not only famous for beach resorts but also it is known for the trinity unity of the region in the state. To mention that unity is strength you have a Dargah and a Chruch and temple which worships god. This is situated 40 kms from Chennai and also a known place for small fishing.

Dakshina chitra

        A Place to prove the olden cultures that are not yet faded. Dakshina Chitra Provides authentic insights into the days of Tamilanite, Keralite, Andhrite, and kannadiya culture those days.

Sadras – (16 km)

        This is the beach were Dutch settlement made. But recently it is a beach resorts.

Sri Perumpudur

         It is a township near kanchi, it is famous for the birth as a gift of god to the earth St. Ramanujam. Who was the father of visishtadvaida philosophy of Vaishnuvism and this is an important pilgrim centre for the vaishnavites.

How to get there in Kanchipuram

By Air…

        The nearest airport is at Chennai

By Rail..

       Nearest Stations are Chennai and Arrokkonam.

By road

        Kanchi is located approx. 75 km from Chennai. The roads are connecting various routes within the state and even beyond border lines of the state.